Explore the Remarkable Journey of the Founder Who Launched a Successful Wig Business.

Pearl Launched her wig Brand in 2017 after having a client who wanted a wig due to her cancer coming back and losing hair in the process. She would customize wigs that best suits her client, offer washing services and teach her clients how to wear wigs.

She is currently a Certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist who now specializes in Creating custom hair toppers and Medical wigs for her clients worldwide. She loves what she does and has been in the industry for over 6 years. She is all about empowering women through her Wig Creations and designs, she emphasizes on Mental Heatlh and self care after she Lost her Grandma

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Medical Hairloss Discount

Are you experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons? We understand the challenges you might be facing. As a gesture of support, we offer a special medical hair loss discount on our wide range of high-quality human hair wigs. Whether you're undergoing chemotherapy, dealing with alopecia, or facing any other medical condition causing hair loss, we're here to help you regain confidence and comfort with a natural-looking wig. Our discounted pricing aims to make this transition easier for you, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Explore our collection and let us assist you in finding the perfect wig tailored to your needs.

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